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Individual Diamond-cut Eyelash Extension Premium Mink - C Curl

Price 2,500円
Item # DMC
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7mm ×


Recommended for people who:

●Want to put their eyelashes on quicker
●Want to make their eyelashes last longer
●Emphasize ease of use

The highest quality of mink is used for
Diamond-cut Lashes of the Lash Collection.

Point 1

Hexagon shaped for a firmer grip

The hexagonal cross-section fits the tweezers.
They are easy to grab, so work efficiency is improved.
It's possible to reduce the time it takes to put them on.

Point 2

Wider adhesive surface for longer lasting lashes

They adhere well using any kind of glue with twice the adhesion surface compared to an ordinary eyelash, so they last 1.5 times as well.

Point 3

Passed bacterial tests set by strict Japanese standards

By checking whether any bacteria stuck to the received eyelashes, it was proved that no bacteria stuck to or was growing on them.
We are committed to safety because it's a product used around the eyes, so we had strict inspections conducted by inspection agencies in Japan.

Point 4

Aluminum sheet makes it easier to remove lashes

Regular mounts are made of paper, so they fall apart after being peeled off repeatedly, but the Diamond-cut mount of the lash Collection can be peeled off over and over again.
It significantly reduces the preparation time by not falling apart.

〈compare with others products〉

Product specification

Texture Premium faux mink (Diamond-cut)
Curl C Curl
Net weight 12 rows
Material Polybutylene terephthalate
Country of manufacture China

Our eyelashes

The highest quality among all mink lashes is used for all eyelashes in the Lash Collection.

●We use PBT, the highest quality of artificial hair material (frizzle-free)
●An elegant and beautiful shimmer with non-shine features
●A high-quality black color with reduced bluish tones
●Light and soft like feathers, while having a firm elasticity
●Stable curls for a longer duration

Premium mink Curl table >   Diamond-cut Curl table  >


Review(2) Score 5

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Good quality
Lee Lee
The lashes look so so so great on eyes. you can see like so comfy and natural but still help you create a better eye shape. Like this very much!

The lashes don't feel uncomfortable.
Salon:Beauty YAGI
We recommend in particular their softness and comfort. They also tend to last longer than other lashes, which keep our customers satisfied.
We highly recommend your products to other salons.


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