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Highly selected items,
easy to use for beginners!

This is a self-kit supervised by a popular salon in Japan which boasts a customer base of more than 1000 per month.It is made specially for customers that find it hard to visit the salon on a regular basis.

Packaged in a specially designed exquisit box, it is also perfect as a gift for that special someone.Suitable also for salon owners who want to sell them as maintenance kits at their salons.
  1. No.1Selectable Flare Lashes

    Flare Lash
    Get voluminous lashes easily

    For beginners & those who struggle with delicate work!

    Selectable curl & length

    Flare Lash
    CurlD CJ
  2. No.2Selectable glue
    Hypoallergenic glue

    For beginners!
    Less irritation

    Hypoallergenic glue
    Power glue

    For specialists!
    Long lasting

    Power glue
    Speed glue

    For specialists!
    Super quick dry

    Speed glue
  1. No.3Remover

    Remover for self-use
    Easy-to-use cream type remover that doesn't run into the eye and removes lashes perfectly.

  2. No.4Tweezers

    Tweezers for self-use
    Fits in your hand, and easy to use for beginners.

  3. No.5Manual(English)

    Manual supervised by eyelash artists
    This text explains possible troubles and measures to be taken.



Japan Designed DIY Eyelash Extension Kit (5 in 1)

Price $36.55
Item # SKT-5

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Good quality
Penny Pang
The set has a good quality items and reasonable shipping time. They packed it nicely with a clear instructions menu. Happy to do it by myself and definitely will get back next time.

Nice Service
Nice experience. Good quality and responsive service.

Good experience
Good quality, good packing and easy to apply.

Good experience
Yan Chai
I had never tried before and I found a very good experience from lash collection. Good packing, shipping and quality. I will continuous support lash collection!

Very good
Yiu Pheana
Very good and easy to use

great for first time DIY
Tifanis Eu
Bit of a steep learning curve in applying the lashes – placing it correctly and making sure they stay. Also the fumes from the glue sting my eyes so I just sit in front of a fan to apply the lashes on. However it's all manageable and the results are great! I'm glad I get to fill in any sparse areas whenever I need to.

Chan Vian
Good delivery

Easier than I thought!
It came with a nicely wrapped package!
The lashes are with such good quality and quite soft. I don’t find it uncomfortable or scratchy to my sensitive eyes. The glue is not irritating and easy to work with.
I’m surprised to find that it’s quite easy to use!
I purchased single lashes for a more natural look, but I think the volume lashes is the easiest and fastest if u are doing it on yourself.
The starter kit is with good value too. Highly recommend it

Easy to use
Ms Wu
It's easy to use and apply. Nice!

Looks Great
Will get a set for myself in between I do my lashes in the beauty salon!

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