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Made in Japan - Long Lasting Coating for Volume Eyelash Extension

Price 3,500円
Item # V-COAT
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Specialized coating which makes the Volume Lashes last longer.
Creates a thin coat of film which doesn't dissolve in cold or hot water and covers the adhesive area more firmly.
Slows down the degradation of the glue.
The dark navy creates a bold eyeliner effect.
It's also ideal for raising the unit price.

Main Ingredients Alkyl actualized polyvinyl alcohol, Ethyl alcohol…and more
Color Dark navy
Consistency liquid
Contents 7ml
How to store Room temperature
Use before unopened : approx. 6months, opened: 3-4 months
Product of Japan

【What is ‘specialized Volume Lash coating’?】

A coating agent for salons made for the purpose of enhancing durability at glue factories in Japan.
Extending the durability of the extension can be achieved by protecting it from water and oil and by inducing curing.
By applying the coating, the durability of the lashes will be extended by about 1 week. (There may be individual differences)
By applying a minimum amount for the final touch, the extension and glue will be protected and their durability will be increased.
The dark blue will settle firmly, providing a more natural look.
*Unlike transparent mascara-type coating, it's a salon-exclusive coating agent for professional use that can only be used by salon technicians.

【The recommended way to use the coating】

(1)After attaching the extensions, let them dry, and without peeling off the under-tape, apply the coating only to the roots thinly and evenly using the micro-stick.
(2)It hardens quickly, so comb it immediately after coating to adjust the unevenness.
(3)Split the extensions where there are large lumps to ease stiffening.
(4)Work on one eye at the time, and finally dry and comb them again.
The process only takes as little as 20-30 seconds, so it does not affect the overall application procedure.

Due to the longer duration of the lashes, the rate of repeat customers can be expected to rise up to 85-90%. This will lead to the monthly sales potentially increasing up to a several thousand dollars.

Take advantage now of this long-awaited menu that would enable a rise in repeating customers and an increased unit price.

【Examples of salons which use it】

(1)Large-scale salons
Applying Volume Lash coating as a ¥500 optional menu for 600 customers a month.
600 customers x ¥500 = a monthly increase in sales of ¥300,000!
(2)Small-scale salons 
Providing it as a ¥800 optional menu to 3 to 4 customers daily, and 100 customers monthly.



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