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About Us


We deal in eyelash products for salons.
The products in our “Lash Collection” brand are produced in contracted factories using materials carefully selected by our professional lash stylists.

These materials, similar to natural eyelashes, are synthetic hair of the very highest quality, all produced by hand.
They are also curled by hand to give a carefully arranged finish that is beautiful and delicate.


After opening a salon in 2007, it soon became a popular spot where it was impossible to get a booking, and we now operate three locations in Japan, including in Ginza, as well as one in the Netherlands.

We aimed to offer not just a high level of technique and customer service, but also quality in the lashes themselves. Unable to find a product that satisfied our requirements, we decided to make top-quality lashes for ourselves, developing eyelash products made with ease-of-use for lash stylists foremost in mind.

We exhibit at various trade shows in Japan and overseas, and we also hold seminars taught by working lash stylist professionals.

◉President’s Profile


Coco Beauty Japan Co., Ltd.

President Chihiro Nakazato

It started with a one-person salon set up in a single apartment room.
She continues to work as an eyelash stylist, and approaches customers from a hands-on point of view.

As well as working as an instructor for manufacturers and a judge in competitions, she has also provided technical guidance to a number of salons on their launch.

◉Our thoughts on eyelashes

“We want to blow a fresh wind through the eyelash industry.”
Each day we work carefully and affectionately to fulfill that desire.

The eyelash industry is still young.

That’s why we ask:

・Can we find a benefit that satisfies the customer?
・Can we make something easy-to-use that makes salons more efficient?
developing and proposing products based on these strongly-held commitments.

Because we listen to the voices of our customers and those of lash stylists on the shop floor, working to know everything there is about eyelashes, we produce high-quality products made for eyelash professionals.

Rather than be a manufacturer that simply sells products, we have continued to insist on merchandise that is easy for stylists to use and produces results for salons.

We want to shake up the eyelash industry while delivering technologies and products of even higher quality.

Company Name Coco Beauty Japan Co., Ltd.
Address Daiichi Ginza Building 4F, 5-10-6 Ginza, Cyuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
TEL +81-3-6280-6240
Email cocobeautyjapan@gmail.com
Established November 21, 2014
President Chihiro Nakazato
Capital 4 million yen
Business Development, manufacture and sales of eyelash products
Operation of eyelash salons