BEAUTY LESSON #01 - Lash Collection


3 tips for long-lasting lashes

In order to keep your loyal customers satisfied, it is essential to sustain high quality services.
We will share with you tips on how to keep the lashes to last long.

1. Cleanser

Hygiene of the natural lashes may not seem the most relevant for eyelash extensions to last long, but in fact, it is important to make sure that the natural lashes are clean in order for the extensions to attach firmly.

After removing the extensions and before applying new ones, there is a considerable amount of excessive oil and dirt left on the lashes.

①Remove excessive oil
②Wipe away oil that rubbed off onto the lashes when using a remover
③Remove dirt

Keeping the 3 points above in mind, make sure to carefully wipe away any impurities with the cleanser. Remember to remove dirt in between the lashes and near the roots too.
Take note that a cleanser containing alcohol or other ingredients may leave traces of excessive oil.

2. Choose extensions that are strain-free and glue that matches the extensions

It is important to select extensions and glue that best suit the condition of the natural lashes.
①Do not choose heavy and long extensions for short and thin natural lashes.
②When applying volumy extensions, try lighter ones to begin with, starting with 2D, then gradually onto 3D and 4D depending on the strength of the natural lashes.
③ Choose a glue that best suits the selected extensions.
In many cases, choosing a glue that is the same brand as the lash exensions may be the best match.

3. Coat the lashes with a sealant to prevent it from falling apart

Coating the adhesive surface at the roots as a finishing touch, will help the lashes to last longer.
The waterproof coating sealant prevents the glue from falling apart, enabling the lashes to stay durable.

Just by adding 2 minutes to the normal procedure, not only will the lashes be more durable, but it will lead to an increase in the unit price of the treatment.
Results differ from each individual, but this additional procedure has proven to allow the extensions to last around an extra 5 days than usual.

Following the steps above will allow you to provide a treatment with lasting results.