BEAUTY LESSON #02 - Lash Collection


Everything you need to know about removing the extensions

Today I will talk about the removal of the eyelash extensions.
To put it more precisely, the removal of eyelash extensions from the natural lashes.
A remover especially designed for removing eyelash extensions will be used.

Q1. 『Why is it important remove the extensions from time to time?』

Answer 1.
There have been cases reported that when the extensions have been kept on, ticks have been infested on them.
In order to protect the health of the natural lashes as well, it is important to take the extensions off once in a while.

Answer 2.
If you keep attaching additional extensions, this will result in the old extensions being left on, putting strain on the natural lashes. This also doesn’t solve the problem when the old and new extensions have become uneven.

Q2.What types of extension removals are available?

①Partial removal
②Complete removal

If the extentions are not uneven, then the first option would be sufficient.
If however, the extensions have become uneven over time, then the second option would be advisable.

The suitable option can be adviced depending on the state of the extensions.
Since the extensions are attached with glue, they cannot be removed with normal face wash.
It is therefore recommended to remove the extensions at a salon.

When removing the extensions partially, it is important to take care of the rest of the extensions that are still attached on the lashes.
The roots in particular are where dirt can gather, so we recommend that the roots are cleansed thoroughly.
This way, the natural lashes can be kept clean and the extensions will last longer.

We suggest that you advise the customers to keep the eye area clean on a regular basis, in order to keep the lashes to last long.