BEAUTY LESSON #03 - Lash Collection


Tips for long-lasting lashes (advice for customers)

Today I will share you the secrets to long-lasting lashes and what advice to give your customers!

Eyelash extensions can get damaged when not maintained properly and when dirt gather on them. Furthermore, damaged eyelash extensions can cause damage to the natural eyelashes.
I will now share with you the steps of taking care of eyelash extensions properly.

①On the day the extensions are applied

Straight after the extensions have been applied, the glue that adheres the extensions to the natural lashes are only half dry.
Once the glue has hardened, it will be waterproof, but if it gets wet before hardening, it may lead to the extensions falling off or getting damaged.
The glue usually hardens around 4 hours after application, so make sure not to touch or bring the eye area into contact with water until then.

②The proper way to cleanse the extensions

1. Take an adequate amount of cleanser in your hand and warm it in your palms to make it easier to apply.
Doing so also enables you to take care of the skin around the eyes and to lessen the damage made to the natural lashes.

※If you don’t use enough cleanser, you may not be able to remove all the dirt, or it may cause friction against the eyes.

2. Gently rub the cleanser onto the eye area, and with the tips of your fingers massage it onto the eyelids, then gradually spread it from the roots towards the tips of the lashes.

The use of cotton buds or swabs is not recommended as this may cause pieces of the cotton getting caught on the lashes and leading to the extensions to fall of.

3. Use lukewarm water to wash away any dirt.
If makeup or dirt attaches to the eyelashes, gently wash away the makeup or dirt with lukewarm water using your fingers.

③Treat like drying hair + care with essence

If the extensions stay wet, they will get damaged easily and the glue will also be deteriorated.
After cleaning the eyes or washing your face,

1. Make sure the eyelash extensions are dry
It is recommended to dry the eyelash extensions with the cold wind of a hair dryer. It is also feasible it you can carefully wipe off the moisture around the eyes. Once the eyelash extensions are dried, you can use a screw brush to comb the eyelashes to prevent tangles and adjust in good condition.

2. Eyelash growth and care essence
By strengthening the base of self-lashes , the extension can last longer.

Please advise your customers to try to incorporate this into their daily care habits.

Please try it out ♪